Chef Edgar ”Eddie” Bork

Chef from Mexico. After the high school diploma he completed his studies as chef and gains international work experience in French and German haute cuisine such as the Château St. Martin among other „Leading Hotels of the World“.

Over time, he missed his roots more and more: he realised that he wants to cook Mexican food. He started to combine the incredible variety of spices, ingredients and taste-combinations provided by the Mexican culinary world with his talent for innovation.

The Streetfood Market in Berlin Kreuzberg’s „Markthalle Neun“ in 2016 provides the framework for a new beginning. In 2017 the TV-Show „Karawane der Köche“ eventually presents the opportunity to share this passion with a broader audience. This receives a popular echo: Eddielicious emerges victorious and is ever since on it’s way as ambassador of Mexican cuisine in all of europe.