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FLAMENCOLÉ means purity, rhythm and feeling, and the group manages to bewitch us with a wild Flamenco. The magic is present throughout the whole show, accompanying you by the hand for a fabulous journey of emotional intensity. Suitable dispute to the loneliness, from the happiness and the partying, to the desperation and the weeping. Versions and perversions of songs impregnated with passion and sensuality. Sarsalé undresses, showing you the deepest of the feelings towards the ”palos de cante jondo”, the seguiriyas or the fandango, which emerged from the pain, the distress and the desperation. The music comforts the senses so much that it hurts.




Since she was a finalist in the IX Ciudad de Castellón, Violeta Barrio has not stopped dancing. Violeta studied Spanish dance at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Barcelona – Institut del Teatre (2001-2005). She has studied Master Classes of different arts, always within the scope of Spanish Dance. Techniques and choreographies. For several years she has worked with the group “La Rumbé”. We can also see her with her own Sirocco flamenco group or collaborating in various formations.



He began his musical training taking guitar lessons at the Taller de Músics de Barcelona in 2000. In 2002 he decides to specialize in Flamenco. He began his professional musical career with the group called “BAZAAR”, which plays a combination of flamenco and the music of India. He then collaborated with the group “LA MEDIA LUNA” (Azar Records 2003), participating in national tours and in the recording of the album “En la Arena”. He is currently founder and composer of the group “SARSALÉ”.



Vanesa Cortés was born in Santa Coloma de Gramanet in 1979 and began her training at the age of seven at the Peña Cultural Andaluza Juan de Arcos. At the age of twelve, she entered the Emilio Gutierrez Alcazar Dance School. She has been part of several dance companies and has made international tours with several artists. She is currently a flamenco singer in different emblematic places in Barcelona and is a vocalist in different flamenco companies.



Born in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, he started flamenco at the early age of nine. Without having any past in his family related to flamenco, he decided to enter the world of flamenco. In 1997 he began to work as a tribute to La Macarena, who remembers the past of the flamenco. Up to now he has worked with various artists in this field. He is currently working as a singer at Bar 23.



As a bassist, producer and musical teacher, he is a very versatile musician, who unfolds with ease in the most diverse styles such as flamenco, jazz, electronic music, pop and oriental music. He is the endorser of the prestigious brand of craft instruments Jerzy Drozd Basses and the string brand Pitbull Strings. In addition to being a renowned and sought-after musician, he has worked with Carles Benavent, National Ballet of Spain, Jorge Pardo and so on.



From the age of 15 he dedicated his life to music. He began his professional career collaborating with several bands of different musical styles, from Rumba, through Rock and Funk. Oscar studied Latin percussion at the Music Institute in the “Taller de Músics” following his training in Flamenco dance schools, combos and private teachers, where he would learn flamenco compás. He currently works on 3 flamenco music projects: “Sarsalé”, “Alikindoi” and “Flamencolé”.



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